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Shire Pile or Shire Stabilizer?

Shirepiles and Shirestabilizers use the same components. The difference between piles and stabilizers is the design approach and the applications. With Shirestabilizers some reliance is placed on the existing structure.

This could be to give a factor of safety or reduce the moment transferred into the support. Shirepiles are used where all the load must be taken by the new support.

Shirestabilizers - Remedial schemes

  • Limited calculations
  • Partial or full support
  • Typical FOS = 1

Typical uses would be repair of damage caused by - Subsidence due to soft ground

  • Subsidence due to leaking drains
  • Shallow foundations
  • Clay shrinkage movements

Shirepiles - New Build or Remedial Schemes

  • Full Support
  • Full calculations
  • Minimum FOS = 2

Typical uses - New build garage, extension, porch etc

  • Remedial support where a structure is to be jacked back into position.
  • Remedial support of freestanding wall.



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