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Thor Helical Grout Tie

Thor Helical Grout TieThor Grout Tie 7mm (small)

Grout ties are a combination of Thor Helical W60 Flexi grout and Thor Heliforce Bars, delivered together to provide a quick, simple and cost effective masonry repair technique with minimum disturbance.

Thor Helical Grout Ties are used for pinning a a repair technique. Manufactured in varying lengths to suit all relevant repar methods.

To install Thor Helical Grout Ties a Grout Tie Pinning Nozzle is required

Thor Grout Tie 

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Product Codes

 THBM7X450F  7MM X 450MM Grout Tie
 THBM7X600F  7MM X 600MM Grout Tie
 THBM7X800F  7MM X 800MM Grout Tie
 THBM7X1000F  7MM X 1000MM Grout Tie

Thor Grout Tie Pinning Nozzle

Thor Pining Nozzle 2  (small)

The pinning nozzle is designed for grout tie installation, the nozzle can be attached to the Grout Gun (see Grout Gun section) and the helical wire is loaded down the nozzle. When the trigger is pressed on the gun the tie is left in a bead of grout ideal for thicker wall sections.

Product code: PINNOZZSET


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