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Thor Helical Lateral Restraint

Thor Helical Lateral Restraint TiesThor Lateral Restraints (small)

Lateral restraint wall ties for restraining bulging walls. Tie walls to 2 or more timber joists or studs using these 8mm diameter stainless steel ties.

Lateral restraint ties are fitted from outside the property with a minimum of disturbance - in most cases just lift a few floorboards to determine the position of the joists and to ensure hidden wires or pipes are avoided during tie installation.

Each restraint tie has a drill-like leading end for cutting into softwood. Using a drill, simply wind the lateral restraint ties into the timbers and resin fix the masonry end.

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Product Codes

 THLRT10  8MM X 1000MM Lateral Restraint Tie 
 THLRT12  8MM X 1200MM Lateral Restraint Tie
 THLRT15  8MM X 1500MM Lateral Restraint Tie
 THLRT20  8MM X 2000MM Lateral Restraint Tie

For fixing Lateral Restraint Ties you need:

  • A hammer drill & a 14mm x 400mm SDS drill bit for drilling the wall.
  • A drill & a Lateral Restraint Setting Tool for driving the lateral restraints into timbers.
  • Polyester or Epoxy resin & applicator gun to bond the restraint ties to the masonry wall.

Lateral Restraint Setting Tool

LRT Fixing Tool


SDS Setting Tool for driving Lateral Restraint Ties into side of parallel floor joists, countersinking the remedial tie beneath the surface of the wall. Screws onto tie bar and fits into SDS drill. Driven into joists with hammer action disengaged.






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