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Thor Helical Remedial supply solution for brick slip issue



The tower block is made with local Bursledon Brick which is full of iron filing and nails, used to make the colour rust red. Over time the salty sea air from the adjoining Southampton water front has caused the iron to rust and expand blowing the faces off the bricks. Spalled bricks have been cut out and replaced to stop masonry falling on residents. 

In addition the concrete frame of the building is shrinking, as all concrete structures do. This has resulted in compression failure of the brick slips attached to the concrete floor of the structure. 

Thor Helical Remedial produced a special 7mm pin tie to permanently fix the slips back onto the building, this tie has added benefits over using simple adhesive, even if the building shrinks further the tie has a flexible pin holding it onto the building. 

Wykamol Enviroseal, a silicone base facade treatment was then applied to the outer face of the masonry to reduce the potential for further moisture ingress.

The project carried out succesfully by Thor Helical Remedial Approved Installer ASRS Preservation Ltd

23rd August 2010, 15:27

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