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Thor Helical Remedial Offer Insurance Backed Guarantees

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Thor Helical Remedial can offer you the peace of mind that you deserve. When you request from a contractor an insurance backed guarantee, the Thor Helical Remedial Contractor who contacts you will be able to offer you an insurance guarantee from Construction Guarantee Services

Currently just Sticking a pin into a phone book will give you a 20-1 chance of finding a contractor that meets the requirements to be backed by an insurance company authorised and regulated by the FSA.

But if gambling with your house is not your thing and you prefer competence over cowboys then choose a Construction Guarantee Services Approved Contractor. CGS offer you insured backed guarantees with the insurance certificate specific to your property and issued by an FSA authorised and regulated UK insurance company. 70% of all companies go out of business within 20 years and though CGS contractors are considerably below the national average because of the quality of the contractors allowed into membership, for a very small one-off premium you can insure against even this eventuality.

Thor Heical Remedial are proud to offer its customers the best Guarantee in the industry and is just one more reason going with Thor Helical Remedial for your  Crack stitching, lateral restraints, wall ties,masonry beaming, shire piles and other services.

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