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Saving on crack injection resin costs the ‘WEBAC’ way


How many times you have had to go back to a resin injection job to re-inject because the water has now found a new path around the perfectly adequate injection job you did?  It happens quite often we think you will agree?  

Apart from decreasing your profit on the job, it does affect your credibility with the client and leads to the disagreement ‘who pays’? In the end it is usually you. 

The cause of this is that sometimes the resin you are using has got a fairly high viscosity and is not reaching the ‘hidden’ finer capillaries of the crack at the first injection. It is obvious that the lower the viscosity of the material the more able it is to fill these ever present fine cracks. 

WEBAC Injection Resins are not the cheapest on the market. The best products of any description rarely are the cheapest.  So how is it the WEBAC Injection Resins are the market leader in Europe and beyond? 

It is because WEBAC Resins for Crack Injection have some of the lowest viscosities available on the market today. Like a certain Danish Beer, these resins reach cracks that other resins cannot reach thus leading to more ‘first time finish’ jobs and less expensive ‘call backs’ for you. WEBAC have also simplified the mixing of two pack materials by utilising a 1:1 ratio in the most popular resins.

For further details on the Webac Range of resins for crack injection, contact Thor Helical Remedial who are the exclusive UK distributor for the Webac range.


8th November 2010, 10:11

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