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Thor Helical Remedial advise repair at Royal Geographical Society.

Thor Helical were asked to advise on the technical specification for reinforcing the front elevation of a chimney stack at the Royal Geographical Society building in Kensington Gore, Westminster. The stack had suffered extensive deformation as a result of thermal expansion following a fire within the chimney stack. Historic repairs had been carried out including, repainting the cracked elevation and wrapping the stack with three tie bars to prevent lateral spread. Whilst satisfactory, the tie bars provide relatively localised restraint and are not in keeping with the ornate nature of the structure.


It was proposed to partially demolish the most distorted elements of the front elevation, rebuilding with Thor Heliforce bed joint reinforcement included at 300mm vertical intervals, dowelled into the remaining structure to provide a good key for the new brickwork and to displace any residual tensile forces across the entire elevation, allowing the safe removal of the ties bars and restoring the chimney stack to its former splendour.

1st November 2010, 10:50

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