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WEBAC solves major water ingress in Car Park.

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This new basement Car Park of some 5,000 m2 in Ireland was suffering major water ingress through the 600mm thick concrete floor joints. Investigation showed that misplaced and badly installed Water Bars were the primary cause and the water was tracking along the expansion joints and exiting at many places through the jointing material thus making the car park virtually unusable as a revenue producing asset.

Several unsuccessful remedial measures had been taken such as re-sealing the expansion joint by renewal, but had failed mainly due to the ground water pressure forcing the material out before it was fully cured.

There was about 1,000 linear metres of leaking joints

A WEBAC Distributor was called in to evaluate the possibility of curing this leakage at source. i.e. at the Water Bar level, using WEBAC Injection Resin. In conjunction with the WEBAC Technical Department and it was decided that this was perfectly feasible using standard WEBAC injection techniques.

The first objective was to temporarily stop the water ingress at source by injecting WEBAC 150 into the joint at base level just above the Water Bar. WEBAC 150 is a fast foaming, water reactive, PU Foam.

WEBAC®150 is a high-grade, low viscosity PU injection foam resin which expands its volume (upon contact with water) to cure to a very dense, hard-elastic foam of a very fine cellular structure. Under given free expansion, WEBAC®150 expands its volume up to 40 times providing for good edge adhesion. Thanks to its low viscosity, its water-reactive components and high capillary activity in damp or water-bearing cracks > 0.2 mm in width, the material is ideal for filling cracks and cavities.

The material was injected into the joint by means of WEBAC INJECTION PACKERS via 13mm holes drilled at 45 degrees to the surface to intersect the joint at low level. A combination of WEBAC Hand Pumps and WEBAC Electric Pumps were used.  

The water ingress was stopped virtually immediately. The injection of WEBAC 150 is only a temporary measure due to the potential breakdown of the foam structure at some future date. Such repair can only be permanently effective with a post injection of an extremely low viscosity solid PU such as WEBAC 1403 which would have been washed out if the WEBAC 150 had not been used first. 

WEBAC®1403 is a high-grade, very low-viscosity PU injection resin designed for the sealing of cracks in dry and wet areas. Upon contact or mixture with water (5 weight %), an even, closed and therefore watertight pore structure forms which increases the flexibility of the material.

The WEBAC 1403 was injected using the existing packers. On completion the floor was fully dry and ready for the coating of coloured Epoxy Resin Coating.

23rd November 2010, 10:03

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