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Webac solves problem with leaking service ducts


The service ducts in the floor of this factory were leaking groundwater inwardly. It was imperative that the service ducts were watertight due to the possible ecological harm done should the pipework they carried leak outwards. The total length of the ducts were some 5,000 linear metres and leaks were apparent from both sides. 

The leakage was only noticed a few days before hand-over as the Factory was built during the summer. The Contractor was on a huge penalty clause and called WEBAC Technical Department for an urgent feasibility study to investigate curing the leakage using Injection techniques in the fastest possible way. 

A member of WEBAC’s Technical Team was on site within hours of the call to assess the situation. It was noted that the leakage occurred along a kicker joint on both sides of the duct wall. Core samples were taken at the request of the Technician and no Waterbar was found.  It was suggested to the Contractor that WEBAC Injection Resins could be used to permanently and quickly cure this leakage by completely filling the joint with PU Resin.  An on-site demonstration was arranged for later the same day.  

13mm holes were drilled at 45 degrees to the surface in a position to intersect the joint halfway through and 100mm apart. And WEBAC Packers were tightened in the holes. As the leakage was only slight and unlikely to wash the material out it was decide that WEBAC 1403 could be use without the preliminary use of a water cut-off foam. 

WEBAC®1403 is a high-grade, very low-viscosity PU injection resin designed for the sealing of cracks in dry and wet areas. Upon contact or mixture with water (5 weight %), an even, closed and therefore watertight pore structure forms which increases the flexibility of the material. WEBAC®1403 cures to form an inert, chemical- resistant resin of constant volume. Pot life (1 litre) amounts to approx. 90 minutes at 20° C. Curing takes place approx. 24 hours after the crack injection. Higher temperatures accelerate, lower temperatures slow down the curing process. At low temperatures (<10° C) we recommend to add the accelerator WEBAC® B14. The pot life of WEBAC®1403 can be reduced from approx. 70 to 25 minutes by adding 0.5-5% max. of WEBAC® B14 (referring to component A). The curing time can be reduced to 30 seconds by adding the special accelerator WEBAC® B14 R.WEBAC®1403 is compatible with concrete, steel, cable coatings and many other materials used in construction. 

The Demonstration proved very successful and the Contractor asked for three urgent quotations from three Sub-Contractors experienced with working using WEBAC materials.  These were furnished within 24 hours and the successful Sub-Contractor was appointed. 

This Sub-Contractor was able, with the use of a WEBAC IP2 Electric Pump, to successfully complete the task within three days thus saving the Main Contractor a considerable amount in Compensation.
24th November 2010, 16:26

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