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Product Spotlight - Lintel Repair

Lintel Reinforcement Repair
Many houses constructed with cavity walls did not have a lintel reinforcement in the outer leaf and the brickwork was supported by the load bearing window frame. Thor Helical Masonry Lintel reinforcement is often installed to form a lintel before the non-load bearing UPVC windows can be installed. This method of forming lintels costs significantly less than installing conventional lintels.

Thor Helical Remedial products may also be used to form lintels where new windows have been installed, for solid walls with defective wooden lintels and to failed masonry arches etc (see repair details page for further information).

Typically two mortar beds, separated by 450-900mm are reinforced, each with a pair of high tensile stainless steel Thor lintelHeliforce Bars embedded into the wall with Thor W60 Flexi Grout. The patented bars are encased 500mm beyond each side of the opening.

The reinforced bed joints form tendons that represent the upper and lower flanges of a brick beam or wall lintel. Utilising the surrounding masonry, one tendon carries compression and the other acts in tension. The reinforced brick beam lintel has a typical load carrying capacity of 2.6 tonne (BRE Calculations).

Thor Helical Remedial have an extensive library of repair details for both cavity and solid walls using Thor Helical Remedial Heliforce Bars, HD Heliforce Bars, Grout Ties, Drive Fix Ties and CD Ties. All are available to download in PDF format or as NBS clauses for Architects and Engineers wishing to include the appropriate repair detail within their specification.

In addition, the Thor Helical Remedial Technical Team are available to advise contractors on the most appropriate repair methodology.

For householders, the Thor Helical Remedial Approved Installer Network offers you peace of mind that your structural repair is completed by a competent contractor, and can be backed by a fully insurance backed guarantee. Click here for further details.

Thor Helical Remedial are experts in Lintel Reinforcement

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