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Webac Injection Resins available from Wykamol Group

PU Foam Resin

WEBAC®s Injection System comprises a wide range of injection materials and technical accessories for the reconstruction of building structures. The properties of the individual products are tailor-made to suit different applications. The application range includes crack repairs, building sealings, curtain injections, joint sealings, foundation pit sealings and canal repairs.

The extensive product range includes:

PU Foam Resins

Quick-foaming PU injection foam resins (SPUR) are especially designed for quickly and temporarily stopping water. They are characterized by their high expansion in volume and are also suitable in case of strongly pressing water, e.g. in dam and tunnel constructions or in deep foundation pits. Durable sealing is obtained by the secondary injection of PU injection resins.

 WEBAC 150

 WEBAC 151

 WEBAC 157

PU Injection Resins

Polyurethane resins are characteriSed by their high flexibility and excellent adhesion. Cracks injected with PU injection resins remain leak proof even in case of crack width modifications and dynamic stress. PU injection resins are used for making post-construction horizontal water stops in masonry against capillary rising moisture

Products include:

WEBAC 1401

 WEBAC 1403

 WEBAC 1440

In addition we offer a complete range of pumps and injection packers to suit your requirements.

For more information on the Webac range of products please visit our website www.thorremedial.com/webac  or telephone our sales team on 0845 400 6666 or e-mail salesdepartmentwykamol.com

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