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Masonry Beaming Solutions Explained


The unique Thor Heliforce Masonry Beaming system of structural reinforcement and repair is at the heart of Thor Helical Remedial advance remedial strategies. It provides a rapid versatile cost-effective means of restoring structural integrity to buildings and structures where the masonry has failed and lost its load bearing capabilities. In combination with other Thor Helical Remedial Ties and restraints it can provide a comprehensive system of structural repair and stabilisation.

How it works

Where masonry has cracked and failed as a result of ground movement, weathering of increased loads and stresses, the Thor Heliforce Masonry Beaming system provides stress free bed joint reinforcement which ties the masonry together whilst creating deep masonry beams which distribute the structural loads. Other ties and fixings provide appropriate lateral and vertical restraint to complete the system, which is applicable to all types of masonry structure.

Stress Free Overpinning

For many situations the Thor Heliforce Masonry Beaming system offers a structurally sound alternative at significantly less cost to mass underpinning and other traditional repair methods. In cases of severe ground movement, full underpinning is extremely expensive and may actually cause further problems. Even localised piling may be a risk. However, with the use of Thor Helical Remedial's Shire Pile system under the building corners at selected points the Thor Heliforce beams can be used to create girder beams in the masonry which form a clear span between the pads to redistribute the loads, reducing considerable the overall costs, disturbance to the ground, the building and its occupants.

Correctly diagnosing the problem.

In situations where there is clear eveidence of ground movement such as subsidence, settlement, heave or slip professional advice should be sought. A qualified structural engineer who understands building movement and stresses can ensure that the faults are correctly diagnosed and propose the appropriate Thor Helical Remedial repair strategy with the solution being taylored to suit the specific needs of the building.

Thor Helical Remedial have an extensive library of repair details for both cavity and solid walls using Thor Helical Remedial Heliforce Bars, HD Heliforce Bars, Grout Ties, Drive Fix Ties and CD Ties. All are available to download in PDF format or as NBS clauses for Architects and Engineers wishing to include the appropriate repair detail within their specification.

In addition, the Thor Helical Remedial Technical Team are available to advise contractors on the most appropriate repair methodology.

For householders, the Thor Helical Remedial Approved Installer Network offers you peace of mind that your structural repair is completed by a competent contractor, and can be backed by a fully insurance backed guarantee. Click here for further details.

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