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Shire Piles Explained

Remedial Connection Detail

Shire piles and Shire stabilizers have been developed over a number of years to provide a cost effective, engineered solution for subsidence repairs and to support new lightweight structures.

The efficient method of Shire Pile installation ensures minimal disturbance for the client and means minimal enabling works are usually required.

Shire piles are generally used in new build applications, and supported by full calculations and safety factors. Shire stabilizers are used in remedial applications where they are designed to work with the existing structure.

Benefits of Shire Piles

  • Fully Engineered Solution
  • Quick and clean installation
  • Convenient for customers
  • Versatile solution which allows for jacking
  • Excellent for poor access sites
  • Cost effective
  • Minimal soil extraction

Installation of Shire Piles

The supports are installed using an adapted pneumatic driving hammer, enabling easy access for installation in confined spaces. Compact pile caps remove the need for time consuming and expensive mass excavation, keeping inconvenience to an absolute minimum.


The support components have been tested in compression and bending at Aston University. Site performance of the installed supports is determined by measuring driving speeds. The relationship between driving speed and compression resistance has been established by carrying out compression tests at control sites.


Shire piles and Shire stabilizers can generally be used to depths of approximately 10m (greater depths are achievable in certain conditions). The supports will carry loads from 30kN to 100kN dependent on ground conditions. Provision of site geotechnical information will assist Wykamol technical staff to predict the potential performance and drive depths of installed supports.


Supports can be fitted with jacking plates to enable the lifting of light structures such as conservatories, porches and garages that are supported on shallow foundations. This often removes the need for disruptive and costly rebuilding.


Research carried out in America and by British Steel has shown that corrosion in driven shire piles is unlikely to be significant due to the limited oxygen supply. After fabrication the steel is given an electrolytic zinc coating to give enhanced protection against corrosion. The surface is prepared and given a further high slip powder barrier coat. This increases driving speeds of shire Piles and reduces negative skin friction.

Thor Helical Remedial are Experts in Shire Piles

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