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Webac PU Injection Resins from Thor Remedial

PU Foam Resin

Polyurethane resins are characterized by their high flexibility and excellent adhesion. Cracks injected with PU injection resins remain leak proof even in case of crack width modifications and dynamic stress. PU injection resins are used for making post-construction horizontal water stops in masonry against capillary rising moisture.

Webac 1403 

WEBAC1403 is suitable for the closing, sealing and limited-flexibility filling of dry, damp or water-bearing cracks and is used as a horizontal water stop against capillary rising moisture in brickwork, quarrystone work, natural stone work and combination brickwork.

WEBAC1403 is designed for injection procedures via injection tubes to seal construction joints in concrete structures.
  • 2-comp. injection resin based on polyurethane
  • Solvent free
  • Fulfills the requirements of the KTW recommendations for small- and large-surface sealings (D1 and D2) in
    contact with potable water (test certificate)



 Crack repair: Closing, sealing, limited flexibility bridging and bridging where structural strength is required.




 Waterproofing of stuctures: Remedial injection system for the repair of DPC's 



Joint sealing: sealing of construction joints in structural and civil engineering.



 Foundation pit sealing:  sealing of water bearing cracksand joints in foundation pits




Canalisation repair: Sealing of joints and cracks in canals and shafts.



 Webac 1-comp pumps
 Webac cleaner
 Webac packers


For more details of our complete range of injection Gels and resins from Webac GmbH please visit our website or contact our sales depatment on 0845 400 6666 or e-mail salesdepartmentwykamol.com

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