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Perfect pitch technology give Thor Helical Remedial the edge

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The patented manufacturing process used to produce Thor Heliforce Bars doubles the effective tensile strength of the stainless steel round wire by means of double work hardening.

The perfect pitch technology unique to Thor Helical products forms a precise helical path in the material into which they are driven, providing an accurate mating interlock. Each Thor Helical section is balanced in section, stiffness and pitch to optimise ease of driving, improve reliability and enhance performance.

The unique manufacturing process increases the tensile strngth of the base material considerably. During the final stages of manufacture it is subject to loads which, if there was a defect in the base material, will cause it to distort or fracture. If this happens it will be readily apparent and immediately rejected. Consequently, the strength and integrity of Thor Heliforce Bars can be 100% assured.

How it works

The embedment of the Thor Heliforce Bar into chases cut into masonry and filled with strong grout, enables the Thor Heliforce Bar and Grout to act in tension or compression as necessary depending on the load carrying conditions.

Encasement in strong grout also enables helical bars to contribute fully to the resistance of vertical shearing forces. The grout provides strong reacting surfaces to restrain such bending and transfers stresses straight through to the adjacent masonry surfaces.

The pronounced helical fins provide clearance spaces around the central core material of the helical bars so that these become fully surrounded with grout without undue difficulties.

About Thor Helical Remedial

Thor Helical Remedial, part of Wykamol Group Ltd produce a unique range of stress free masonry reinforcing products along with application methods that provide a cost effective, concealed, non-disruptive solution for many forms of remedial masonry stablisation, including Crack stitching, Lintel repairs, Overbeaming, Expansion joints, Lateral restraints, Remedial Wall ties and Webac.

For more information on our extensive product range please vist our website HERE. To order any of our product range please call 0845 400 6666 or e-mail salesdepartmentwykamol.com

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