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The history of Thor Helical Remedial '2nd generation' products

Grout ties are a combination of Thor Helical W60 Flexi Grout and Thor Heliforce Bars, delivered together to provide a quick, simple and cost effective masonry repair technique with minimum disturbance.

Thor Helical Grout Ties are used for pinning a a repair technique. Manufactured in varying lengths to suit all relevant repar methods.

The innovation of hammer driven helical fixings originated from the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) programme undertaken in the 1970's. The study addressed the effect of timber shrinkage, due to fire, on the integrity of conventional fixings once the clapming effect of the fixing head had been lost. The project delivered a hi-fin helical dowal that interlocked with the fibres of the timber along the full length of the connector.

The originators and pioneers of the helical fixing concept established a commercial enterprise to exploit the new fixing technology. The technology was progressed and adapted, to suit a variety of construction applications, including its use in masonry substrates, and patents were filed on many products, manufacturing methods and building applications, as one innovation followed another. The product development team licensed a number of organisations to exploit their patented technology as demand for their helical products reached record levels world-wide.

In recent years the patent owners have brought together a group of specialists in manufacturing techniques, construction products, test programmes, product applications and distribution networks. This exercise led to a re-appraisal of the original design requirements and manufacture techniques and production of a "second generation" of Helical reinforcement fixings and anchors. The specialist team continue their commitment to innovative and creative design engineering under the Thor Helical banner. The "second generation" range of products is only available from Thor Helical Remedial.

Details of the improved Thor Helical Remedial engineering

Tensile strength of the products is consistant between 80-85tpsi. All manufacturing processes (from initial round wire to finished product) are carried out in-house. QC procedures are carried out at all stages of the in-house production cycle.

Advanced twisting process alleviates stress and fatigue characteristics during formation and produces an axially straight central core and a pitch accuracy of less than 0.01mm per metre.

Advantages of the Thor Helical Remedial Products

Thor Helical products and systems have been engineered specifically for providing a more reliable; user friendly and cost effective means to fix both masonry and timber components.

The hi-fin design also makes the Thor Helical products ideal for grouting into mortar beds to retrospectively reinforce distressed masonry and to control cracking by distributing forces back into the structure. The various Thor Helical sections are directly proportionate to one another providing opportunity for cross-correlation of performance characteristics to be used in specification design.

Hammer driven helical fixings are not dependent on friction expansion or adhesion. They rely on a tight-fitting interlock within the host substrate to provide a secure and stress-free connection. Great emphasis has therefore been placed on accurate precision engineering to tolerances that have not previously been achievable. The result provides a highly engineered yet simple and user-friendly alternative to earlier product designs.

The perfect pitch technology, unique to Thor Helical products, forms a precise helical path in the material into which it is driven to provide an accurate mating interlock. Each Thor Helical section is balanced in stiffness and pitch to further optimise ease of driving, improve reliability and enhance performance.

With balanced design and precise engineering Thor Helical fixings provide optimum performance at the most economic price.

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