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Replacement Cavity Wall Ties

Remedial wall ties for rapid cavity wall tie replacement & brick pinning. Stainless steel helical wall ties are the choice of the professional for tying masonry walls. 

Self tapping 9mm replacement cavity wall ties screw in to brick, masonry or concrete when hammered into pilot holes (circa 6mm) using the impact action of a hammer drill. The Thor Helical CD Tie grips within an interlocking helical undercut. 

Helical brick ties are suitable for remedial use in all wall types without exerting expansive stress on the masonry. The unique driving configuration of the Thor Helical CD Tie delivers a fast, easy and reliable remedy for cavity tie failure. 

Patented Helical Wall Ties with European CE Mark Approval
Resin Bonded Ties are widely accepted to provide a good fixing to most substrates ideal for where the quality of the substrates are in doubt.  The Thor Double Resin Tie-manufactured from 304 stainless steel 5mm bar and featuring a hollow polypropylene tube with exit slots for the resin to be directed both inside and outside the tube providing both a mechanical and resin bond fixing.  The tube design is virtually self-centring within the hole reducing the skill element required to install.  The thin diameter bar allows flexibility for thermal movement.  Comprehensively used tested and proven.
Resin Bonded ties are widely accepted to provide a good fixing to most substrates, ideal for where the quality of the substrates are in doubt.  The Thor Double Resin Tie manufactured from 5mm Austenetic 304 grade stainless steel bar has a thread at each end with a nut to centre the ties in place and retain the resin and a neoprene drip.
Replacement wall ties for cavity walls. Quick-Fix mechanical tie has durable neoprene expansion sleeves at each end of an Austenitic Stainless Steel bar. 

The Quick-Fix replacement wall tie features a unique part threaded tall-nut which when turned, rotates the bar, forcing open the Neoprene sleeve to grip the remote masonry leaf. At a factory set torque level, the bar taps a thread in the top of the tall nut to force it down the bar, expanding the near leaf to grip the wall. 

Being remarkably tolerant to host material variations these mechanical wall ties, with their radially expanding neoprene sleeves, are suitable for all wall tie replacement applications save for use in perforated bricks or where fire resistance of greater than half-an-hour is required (Ref: BRE Digest 329 Decision Tree).
Wall Tie Installation

Wall ties are essential in cavity walls to ensure that the wall is structurally stable and sound. A cavity wall is as strong as a solid wall but only when the inner and outer leaf of brickwork is securely tied together by wall ties which are in good condition and fitted correctly. A lack of properly installed wall ties can lead to distortion, cracking or in extreme cases the collapse of the outer brick leaf.

Wall tie corrosion is a significant issue in older properties and again this can lead to cracking and distortion of masonry. It is essential that corroded wall ties are replaced by remedial cavity wall ties to ensure the cavity wall remains stable. New wall ties may be needed in existing walls to:

  • stabilise the cavity wall where steel ties have expanded due to corrosion.
  • reinstate cavity walls where the existing wire ties have corroded.
  • increase the number of ties in a wall where insufficient ties have been installed, or where embedment is insufficient.

Thor Helical Remedial have a complete range of replacement cavity wall ties available to the wall tie installer. We supply Helical Wall Ties including the CD Tie (see video below) which is CE marked and installed neatly and quickly giving an almost invisible repair to your masonry.

Thor Helical Remedial also have a complete range of neoprene wall ties in various lenths to suit wall tie installers and project requirements. Our complete range of cavity wall ties and repair details can be seen by following the links on the left.

All Thor Helical Remedial wall ties are manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless steel. Thor Helical remedial are wall ties suppliers and we offer a range of fixings to choose from to provide the right Wall Tie fixing for all situations.

Designing Remedial Works

Remedial Cavity Wall Tie Systems can be employed to reinstate stability to existing walls; damaged by expansion of corroding mild steel vertical twist ties; loss of wire ties by corrosion; insufficient wall ties; ineffective wall ties and or unrestrained masonry.

The choice and validation of a suitable remedial wall tie system and their density must provide for fixing in both inner and outer leafs required by the imposed loads (refer to topographic tables) and conform with BRE Digest 329, 401 and BS 5628.

Installation of Remedial Wall Ties

Wall tie inspection and installation is a job for a specialist contractor. Our friendly and professional Thor Helical Remedial Approved Installers can advise you on every aspect of your structural repair needs, fully backed by our team of structural engineers to provide the right solutions to what are often complex structural problems. To find an Approved installer near you please complete this FORM

Alternatively contact any of our team:

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Simon Smith Sales Manager London and South East 07899 956659
Paul Shepherd Technical Support Manager (North) 07795 822203
Mike Rees Technical Support Manager (South) 07795 821101
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