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Lowther Castle: Refurbishment and Repair

Lowther Castle - general view (2)
Stables Block - East Quadrant - Existing floor construction (2)
Stables Block - East Quadrant - Leaning and delaminated external wall (2)
Lowther Castle - Aerial view of refurbishment works (2)

Completed in 1806 Lowther Castle stands on a site occupied by the Lowther family for over 800 years.

The castle itself was inhabited by subsequent Earls up until New Years day 1936 when the Yellow Earl left the castle. During the Second World War the Castle was requisitioned by the British army. Once the war had finished the castle was returned to the Lowther family, however it was in a very poor condition and in 1957 the current Earl decided to remove the roof and keep the castle façade as a monument, instead of demolishing it like so many other big country houses of the time.

In 2011, after over 70 years of deterioration, work was started to refurbish and repair the castle itself, the gardens and the stable courtyard.

The main contractor on site Patten Group, contacted Richardson and Starling who in turn contacted Paul Shepherd BSC (Hons) Civ .Eng Technical Support Manager Thor Helical Remedial  to come and inspect the property and assess what work was required.

Thor Helical Remedial approved contractors Richardson & Starling (Carlisle office) started work on the Stables Courtyard. The work involved the tying in, of the internal walls into the main external walls using Thor Helical Bar and Grout.

Along with the Stable Courtyard additional work was required to the east quadrant of the Stables Courtyard. Following inspection by Richardson & Starling work commenced in the stabilisation of the delaminating rubble filled walls. This was achieved by using Thor Helical Grout Ties and the provision of lateral restraints by tying the external wall back into the first floor diaphragm using Thor Helical lateral restraint ties.

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