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Crack Stitching work carried out on Northfield Comprehensive School

Installation of crackstitches to vertical fractures (2)

Crack repair to Northfield Comprehensive School.

Northfield Comprehensive School in Billingham, Cleveland  required remedial work carrying out to the external wall of the property.

Upon inspection by our Technical Support Manager Paul Shepherd BSc (Hons) Civ. Eng and Thor Helical Approved Installer  Facades of Middlesborough it was discovered that thermal movement had caused fracturing to the external leaf of the brickwork to the southern and eastern elevations. Facades  used Thor Helical CD wall Ties along with Thor Heliforce 6mm Crack Stitch Bars embedded in ThorW60 Flexi Grout to complete the structural repair to the property.

Thor Helical Remedial, have a complete range of Crack Repair Products available these include: Thor Helical Crack Repair Kits, Thor Helical Crack Repair Bars, Crack Sealer Plus, Thor Heliforce Heavy Duty Crack Repair Bars, Thor Helical Grout Ties

For our extensive range of repair solutions visit our website www.thorremedial.com or to place an order  contact our sales office via e-mail salesdepartmentwykamol.com or call them 0845 400 6666.

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