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The Stabilisation of Masonry Pediment of Cargo Fleet Offices, Middlesborough

Prior to refurbishment (2)
Unstable masonry pediments (2)
Installation of Grout Ties (2)
Installation of helical ties to copings (2) (2)
Installation of LRTs to roof rafters (2)
Offices on completion (2)

This 1.5 Million office refurbishment was undertaken by Main Contractor, Python Properties. The building is a fine example of Edwardian architecture and was built in 1916 by the Cargo Fleet Iron Company .It was also the former headquarters of British Steel , Teeside, played a central role in the iron and steel industry in Teeside and has become a local icon.

 The building was also home to Redcar and Cleveland Council until 12 years ago when the council moved out and the building has stood derelict since that time.

The Structural refurbishment work required stabilisation of the masonry pediments and coping stones to the front elevation of this magnificent property.

The work carried out by Thor Helical Remedial Approved Contractor Facades of Middlesborough involved installing Heliforce crack stitch bars and Thor Helical Grout ties to make sure the structure was stable.

Once this Stabilisation was completed the masonry pediments had to be secured to the timber rafters and ceiling joists this was done using Thor Helical lateral restraint ties.

This is how the finished build looks.

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