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Installation Of Thor Helical CD Wall Ties in Hereford Court

hereford court (2)
Fig  24 General Arrangement of Wall Ties (3)
Thor Helical Wall Ties

Hereford Court was due to be externally clad. Before this could happen concerns were raised regarding the existing walls ties not being adequate to support the external leaf of the cavity wall.

Originally this project was to be tied with cheap resin bonded ties, taking 5-10 minutes per install, Our Technical Support Manager, Mike Rees BSc (Hons), was asked to recommend a remedial tie installation which would ensure the adequacy of the existing cavity wall ties. He demonstrated that our Thor Helical CD Tie would produce pull out tests of over 3kn and only take 30 seconds per tie to install. Dave Scott of the Mears Group was very impressed by this demonstration and Thor Helical CD wall Ties were approved for installation and work has commenced on this 15 storey tower block in Brighton.   

Thor Helical Remedial, have a complete range of replacement cavity wall ties available.
We supply a complete range of Wall Ties, these include Thor Helical CD Tie, Stainless Neoprene Expanding Wall Ties, Thor Helical PRP Wall Ties, Thor Helical Resin Bonded Wall Ties, Thor Helical Grout Tie

For our extensive range of repair solutions visit our website www.thorremedial.com or to place an order  contact our sales office via e-mail salesdepartmentwykamol.com or call them 0845 400 6666.

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