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Thor Helical PRP Wall Ties

Remedial Wall Ties For Repair to Cavity Walls

Thor Helical PRP Wall TiesThor PRP Ties (small)

Resin Bonded Ties are widely accepted to provide a good fixing to most substrates ideal for where the quality of the substrates are in doubt.  The Thor Double Resin Tie-manufactured from 304 stainless steel 5mm bar and featuring a hollow polypropylene tube with exit slots for the resin to be directed both inside and outside the tube providing both a mechanical and resin bond fixing.  The tube design is virtually self-centring within the hole reducing the skill element required to install.  The thin diameter bar allows flexibility for thermal movement.  Comprehensively used tested and proven. 

Available in five sizes 175mm, 200mm,225mm, 250mm and 305mm all ties 5mm in width. Use either Polyester Resin or Epoxy Acrylate Resin to bond.

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Thor Helical Remedial PRP Resin Bonded Tie Product Guide 

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Product Codes

  PRP10X175  10MM X 175MM PRP Ties  
  PRP10X200  10MM X 200MM PRP Ties
  PRP10X225  10MM X 225MM PRP Ties
  PRP10X250  10MM X 250MM PRP Ties
  PRP10X305  10MM X 305MM PRP Ties


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