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Ferrous Metal Detector

The AF103 Metal Detector is suitable for many purposes, ie finding wall ties, pipes and cables in walls and other structures. One control operation, incorporating on/off and tuning. Detects all metals, 6" (15cm) waterproof search head, built in speaker, pinpointing ability. 1 year manufacturers warranty and 1 x PP3 9 v battery included.

Product Code: METDET

Whites Metal Detectors (small)


Allen Endoscope

A portable side-viewing endoscope for searching inaccessible areas through holes and gaps of 10mm (0.4in) diameter. A bright 10 watt tungsten halogen lamp in the tip of the endoscope enables inspections to be made over distances of up to 1.5m (5ft). Power is supplied from a rechargeable battery providing two hours of continuous use when fully charged.

Product Code: ALLEN

Allen Endoscope (Small)

Clipper Unit

The SC180 dual blade wall chaser is a powerful machine (1800w) designed for the dedicated purpose of producing a dual and variable sized chase in a variety of building materials including brick, breeze black, concrete, limestne and sandstone etc. This unit should be fitted to our dust extraction system (below).

Product Code: THSC180

Norton Clipper Unit (Small)

Dust Extraction Unit.

These applinces are primarily designed for dry cleaning in industrial and commercial applications and are suitable for vacuuming dust. Ideally used with the Norton Clipper Unit. A powerfull 1400w motor easily removes all dust from joint beds.

Product Code: THDEU
  Dust Extraction Unit 1 (small)



Wall Tie Pull Tester

Thor Helical Test Meters are used to verify product performance and project compliance. The 800lbf (3.56kN) wall tie tester is designed specifically for testing precise pitch helical ties. The unit comprises an integral bridging unit housing a mechanical pulling arrangement that directly measures the load applied to the helical fastener.

Product Code: THTLTU
Wall Tie Pull Tester   




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